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Feb 2023 - Oslo kick off Train2Act

A toolbox and guide in voluntary learning.

Train2Act is an Erasmus + project that focuses in particular on how to attract more participants in the field of volunteering. The project has participants from Macedonia, Greece, France and Norway, and Vofo's adviser Andrès Lopez is the project manager.

- The goal of the project is to create a course package that can be used by anyone who is concerned with the recruitment and training of volunteers, says Andrès. - When this project ends in June 2024, we will have a solid "toolbox" for use in voluntary organisations. In the spring, workshops will be held for voluntary organizations in the respective partner countries, where training will be given on how they can use this course package in their own organisation.

In Norway, Vofo will also use this course package to hold workshops for student associations and voluntary organizations throughout the country.

- We want to create greater awareness of training in volunteering, and the value of voluntary work in the local community.

The course package will be free and available at and will consist of various modules, where you can, among other things, learn about the following:

* Introduction to volunteering

* Benefits of voluntary work

* Possibilities for volunteers and handling of volunteers

* Volunteers' rights, influence and evaluation

The partners in the project had their first of two TPM (transnational partner meeting) in Oslo between 2th and 3th of Februari 2023. The last TPM is on schedule in May 2024 in Ohrid, North Macedonia.

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