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March 2024. Løten T2A training

Quality of life in vibrant local communities

Volunteers and Løten residents are first out in Norway to test the Train2Act toolbox and guide. The interest and participation in volunteering in small municipalities clearly shows that learning, mastering, competence building happens every day and is an important part of many people's quality of life.

Her is the comments from the voluntary center:

"Wow for Vofo (The Norwegian Asociation for Adult learning and double WOW for all our talented volunteers at Løten Volunteer Center💥🙌🎉

Many thanks to Andrés Lopez, regional advisor and int.project responsible at the Adult Education Association Inlandet, for a durable, fantastic "Beef stroganoff with garnish"!

- and not least for the lecture on "Quality of life through volunteering". Based on the train2Act program across Europe, which includes Greece, Turkey, France, Macedonia and Norway. The latter leads it all! 🙌

Nearly 40 volunteers came, and were actively participating in a kind of "mentimeter", where they, among other things, answered "why are you an active volunteer"?

"Get-to-Know-Bingo" was also engaging!

THANK YOU to you❣️"

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